Building and Construction Site Security

Construction sites are an attractive target for vandalism and theft, due to the vulnerability and open nature of the site; this dictates that they need the very best security measures to
protect your assets and reputation.

It is common for a lot of construction sites to suffer some damage at various stages of a project, often repeatedly. In some cases, insurance companies will refuse to ensure construction sites without any evidence of appropriate security measures in place.

Yet a serious theft could result in serious disruption to the building project. Your site is likely to be left unmanned overnight with valuable tools, equipment and machinery unattended – and vulnerable. Innovative Security Solutions (ISS) offers an innovative construction site security solution to contractors across the country. Our construction site security process is unparalleled and incorporates regular perimeter patrols, incident reporting, emergency procedures and much more.

We at ISS Ltd can help to assure that your property and possessions are secure and safe.

Before making recommendations on the best way to secure your property and assets we would carry out a risk assessment which will include the following:
  • Security Fencing and Signage
  • GateHouse Security for staff and visitor access/deliveries
  • Promote and support Health & Safety on site
  • Theft and vandalism reduction
  • Security of assets
  • Onsite mobile CCTV monitoring for rapid reaction
    to intruders
  • Communications
  • Access Control; external/internal, alarms and CCTV

We at ISS ltd would give you advice on how to secure the premises to a very high level.

ISS is experienced in working with building and construction firms to keep their sites safe from
criminals, intruders and trespassers. Our security specialists will undertake site-specific surveys, and work in partnership with the site management team prior to the project commencement.

We will then create a bespoke security strategy to address your individual needs and ensure your site and assets are given the highest level of protection. All patrol routes, site risks, perimeter boundaries and any other potential ‘hot spots’ are identified through the survey; actions will be suggested, discussed, and upon agreement implemented as part of the solution.

By choosing ISS, you can relax safe in the knowledge you have done all you can to keep your site
secure so that your expensive materials and machinery won’t be damaged or go walkabout. We will also take measures to prevent vandalism and stop children and other unauthorised people from entering the site and placing themselves in potential danger. ISS employs security officers who will undergo specific training bespoke to your requirements.

Our officers will be based at your construction site, carrying out regular patrols and keeping a detailed incident report of anything which happens on the premises. In addition to your on-site staff, this will be supported by welfare visits from a mobile patrol supervisor.

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By providing specifically trained Security Officers, we partner and protect retail stores, corporate
facilities, warehouse and distribution centres, retail and business parks, sporting arenas, as well as the construction sector.