Vacant & Void Property Solutions

Innovative Security Solutions (ISS) provide professional, managed vacant or void property solutions. We can provide security personnel and equipment to protect your property. Unsecured vacant properties can be seen by children as great places to explore and play but can be far from safe. They are seen as an easy target for vandals, arsonists, opportunist thieves and squatters, who can present a very real threat to your investment as well as holding up plans you, may have to the property. In addition, removal of illegal trespassers can be time-consuming and expensive.
We work with our clients to fully understand the vacant property protection requirements needed for any given security scenario and then prepare a schedule of security that will cost-effectively meet their needs.

Our extensive range of vacant property management solutions provide our clients with the peace of mind that their empty property is safe and secure, and most importantly, helping to retain its value and meeting insurance compliance requirements. As well as securing the premises we will:

  • Take meter readings at a frequency agreed with yourself
  • Meet and greet site visitors and confirm their presence
  • Take photographs of any damage, for example, weather damage and provide you with an in-depth, detailed report and liaise with yourself to find a solution before a simple repair becomes a costly repair.

From the management of national property portfolios to individual private landlords, ISS provides a bespoke patrolling solution having the ability to record all patrol activity from pre-planned patrol routes and designated events.

All events are transmitted back to our control room in live time and responded to according to the situation. Our vacant property security solution help ensure that land and remote sites are protected around the clock, theft and vandalism is avoided, and we comply with all health and safety legislative requirements.

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By providing specifically trained Security Officers, we partner and protect retail stores, corporate
facilities, warehouse and distribution centres, retail and business parks, sporting arenas, as well as the construction sector.